Frequently Asked Questions

Are these forms really all that I need for my Intake paperwork? 

Most therapist’s Intake paperwork needs are met with the 7 forms in the Easy Intake Packet, which include:

  • Office Policies and Consent to Psychotherapy Services (5 pages)

  • HIPAA Disclosure (3 pages)

  • Basic Child Intake (4 pages) and Basic Adult Intake (4 pages)

  • Payment Authorization Form (2 pages, includes Credit Card Authorization Form for payment systems requiring manual credit card entry)

  • Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy (1 page)

  • Authorization Consenting to Release of Information (1 page) - CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!

  • Addendum Agreement for Reduced Fee Services (1 page) but you may need additional forms according to the unique clients, settings, and services of your private practice. 

You may need additional forms according to the unique clients, settings, and services of your private practice, but most counselors find that their Intake forms are covered with the Easy Intake Packet.

Are these forms legally up to par?

The forms are intended to be comprehensive and to encompass the legal standards of the mental health profession. However, laws and guidelines vary by state and licensing board. You are responsible for ensuring that the forms you use in your practice are in compliance with your specific state’s laws and your professional organization’s ethics and guidelines.

How comprehensive are the forms?

The 7 forms are a total of 20 pages — while they are simple and straightforward, they are still detailed and thorough.

Please note that the Basic Adult and Basic Child Intake forms are four pages each and are intended to gather general client information, including client contact information, as well as demographic, medical/mental health, education, and employment information. You may wish to supplement the Intake forms to gather a more detailed client history.

Can I use these forms electronically?

You have the option of uploading the forms via a third-party service to be filled by clients electronically.

You can also have your clients fill the forms out by hand and scan them into your electronic health record system.


How much can I change the forms?

Since the Easy Intake Packet is in Microsoft Word format, the forms can be edited in any way you see fit. You can separate the forms, reorganize the forms, add forms, and delete forms.

What are the forms like?

To see what our forms are like, click here to download the Release of Information form for free!